Safe, decent and affordable housing are key elements of the mission of the Kendall Housing Authority. At the Kendall Housing Authority individuals and families are provided with rental assistance vouchers through a program funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The Housing Choice Voucher Program allows income eligible families, individuals, elderly persons and persons with disabilities to enter the competitive rental market on an even footing with others in the community. Choice is the key that opens a world of possibilities to each participant. Choice of where to live, the style of housing to secure, and choice regarding the neighborhood in which to live. The Housing Choice Voucher holder can use his / her assistance to locate affordable rental units anywhere their voucher is accepted!

Our Mission

“The mission of the Kendall Housing Authority is to, “Affirmatively further fair housing, utilizing resources to serve vulnerable populations, by providing access to affordable housing to help improve quality of life and promote self-sufficiency”.


The Kendall Housing Authority is administered by the DuPage Housing Authority which is located at 711 E. Roosevelt Road in Wheaton, IL. When calling the main telephone number for the Kendall Housing Authority (630-690-3555), the caller is also reaching the DuPage Housing Authority. The receptionist will answer the call,  “Good morning, you have reached DuPage Housing Authority”.  Please know that your call will be directed to the staff member who provides services to the residents of Kendall County.