The Kendall Housing Authority (KHA) uses a point system. Applicants who qualify for the most preference points are considered first when vouchers are available. The KHA waiting list is administered in descending order according to the number of preferences verified and the date and time of their application.

Residency Preference – 2 points

Currently a resident within the KHA service area or,

  • the applicant is currently employed in KHA service area. Residence and employment must be on a permanent, non-temporary basis.
Family Preference – 1 Point

At least one adult who will be residing in the household is 62 years of age or older or,

  • the household will have at least one disabled family member or,
  • the household will consist of two or more persons, which includes one or more minor children.
Working Preference – 1 point

At least one adult in the household is employed at least 30 hours per week or is a participant in an accredited employment training program or,

  • the head, spouse, or sole member of the household is 62 or older or,
  • is a person with disabilities
Other Preference – 1 point

Veterans, Victims of domestic violence, Family Self-Sufficiency Program participants or an applicant who is in a HUD approved Demonstration Program.

Involuntary Displacement Preference – 1 points

If Government action or a natural disaster has involuntarily displaced the applicant.

Warning: Title 18, Section 1001of the United States Code, states that a person who knowingly and willing makes false or fraudulent statements to any department or agency of the United States is guilty of a felony and their name will be removed from the waiting list.