In order to port to Kendall Housing Authority, a tenant will first need to notify their current housing authority. We encourage tenants to direct their current Housing Authority to view this web page to answer all their questions regarding Kendall Housing Authority and Portability. KHA is currently billing for all portability clients. Please use the contact information below when ready to port. Please make sure the port packet is addressed, Attention: Portability Coordinator, April Wisch Phone: 630-593-8210 Email: Fax: 630-690-0702 Mail: 711 E Roosevelt Road, Wheaton, IL 60187 Once a tenant has made the decision to port their voucher, and their current housing authority has confirmed the tenants paperwork has been sent to our office, the tenant should contact our Portability Coordinator, April Wisch, to confirm receipt of their paperwork. It is the tenant’s responsibility to make sure we receive their paperwork. KHA will not call to inform the tenant when their paperwork is received. Once the tenant confirms that their paperwork has been received, the tenant will then need to speak to our Portability Coordinator to set up a briefing and to receive KHA moving papers. The average time to schedule a briefing is 10-14 business days. Briefing meetings will take place on by appointment only. Then, once the completed moving papers are submitted, it is another 7-10 business days to schedule an inspection. Timing is dependent on the submission of all required information. Please note that per Kendall Housing Authority’s Administrative Plan, determination of voucher bedroom size is based on the following; one bedroom for the head of household and spouse and one bedroom per each additional 2 household members.