Who pays if there are any damages?

Answer: The tenant is responsible for all damages.

If the tenant violates the lease agreement, is it impossible to evict a Section 8 tenant?

Answer: The KHA does not support any violations of lease agreements. If a tenant violates a lease agreement, the landlord must treat that tenant as they would any non-subsidized tenant. The only difference in the eviction process is that the landlord must send copies of all legal notices to the Kendall Housing Authority.

Why does a landlord have to provide proof of ownership?

Answer: This is a rental assistance program. Our agency must assure that the tenant does not have any economic interest in the subsidized unit.

If my rent is more than the Kendall Housing Authority can approve, can the tenant pay the difference?

Answer: Rents may be above the Payment standards but must be approved by the KHA inspector. A tenant may not pay any additional monies out of pocket to the landlord without KHA approval.

How long does it take for my unit to be approved?

Answer: Once move packet is received by the Housing Authority it can take up to 15 calendar days before packet is approved and unit is inspected. Delays in processing can occur due to incomplete packet, rent negotiations, unit not ready for inspection and tenant affordability issues.

When does the landlord receive the first subsidy check?

Answer: The first subsidy check is issued 2 – 6 weeks after the tenant takes possession of the unit.

Who pays the security deposit?

Answer: The tenant is responsible for the entire security deposit.

Does my unit have to be pre-approved?

Answer: The unit does not have to be inspected prior to screening a tenant. The unit must be inspected and passing prior to the tenant taking possession or subsidy beginning.